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Job Developer

Job title: Job Developer

Company: ICAN California Abilities Network

Job description: ICAN has a mandatory vaccination requirement for COVID-19 for all staff. As part of your application, you will be asked to certify that you are currently fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or are prepared to be fully vaccinated before starting work.

ICAN is now offering new employees a $ 500 signing bonus after a 90-day probationary period. Valid for new appointments until 30/09/21.

The Assisted Employment Program Work Developer must be a flexible, people-centered and trustworthy individual. This position provides administrative support to individuals with developmental and physical disabilities. This position is directly responsible for providing direct care to clients through interest and skills assessment by clients, job search activities, hiring practice, advocating for clients in the appointment of managers and decision makers in the community and continuing the work or internship. Job developers assist clients with assessment, application, hire, onboarding and training activities. This role also provides employment consulting services for the partial work programs. This position supports and promotes customer selection. The job developer reports to the supporting employment program manager.

Minimum qualifications

Must be at least 21 years old

Must be eligible to work legally in the United States

Must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19

Must be able to maintain regular attendance and arrive on time for meetings and appointments

Must have the ability to communicate with a variety of individuals, including clients, guardians, colleagues, caregivers and the public

Must be able to multitask and work independently

Must be able to meet schedules and deadlines

Must be an organized, flexible, detail-oriented and reliable individual

Must follow all rules and regulations in the ICAN Policy and Procedures Manual and the ICAN Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Must work comfortably with people with disabilities and find ways to help them set and achieve their goals

Education, experience and knowledge

One year experience working with adults with disabilities

Election or recruitment experience of one year preferred

Must have strong computer skills and be comfortable using a computer regularly, including using Apple Macs, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and client record databases.

Must have strong typing skills

Must be people-oriented with strong customer service and problem-solving skills

Must be fluent in English and have strong / professional English writing and grammar skills

Bilingual in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese or ASL a plus

Licenses and other requirements

Must have the ability to pass tuberculosis skin test

Give a fingerprint through LiveScan before starting work

Must be CPR and First Aid certified or willing to complete CPR and First Aid certification

Must be CPI certified or willing to complete the first prevention training on hire

Must have reliable transportation. If you travel by public transportation, you should be able to travel to workplaces and rental places in the South Bay, West Los Angeles and / or greater Long Beach areas. If you are using a private vehicle, a valid California driver’s license, or a valid driver’s license from another state at the time of maintenance and throughout service, with a three-year clean driving record. Willingness to take the DMV background test and provide proof of current car registration and liability insurance.

Physical demands and working conditions

Prolonged sitting or standing

Work in indoor and outdoor environments, as well as on travel

Professional development

Work developers must attend remunerated, continuous professional development and continuing education for at least eight hours annually. It may be necessary to attend seminars at the regional center, appropriate courses on other sites or online.

Important role responsibilities

Identify clients’ needs and interests during assessment meetings, so that job search activities can be focused on roles that meet the client’s goals and interests

Holding weekly client development meetings with each active client, including scheduling appointments, monitoring client attendance, and completing meeting notes

Maintaining thorough client records and submitting status updates to the client record database during a client’s program life

Build relationships with community businesses and leaders to increase the visibility of the organization and raise awareness of job opportunities in the community

Advocates for and represents clients with hiring managers to improve a client’s ability to obtain internships, or be invited for maintenance for a direct hire / placement.

Monitoring the completion of all required client and program documents, including job development notes and monthly summaries, placement and internship forms, and other required appropriate documentation before the client begins work

To ensure that the client’s paystones are obtained within one month after the qualification date for incentive authorizations

Supervise ICAN job preparation course

Maintaining positive and collaborative relationships with clients, guardians, colleagues and ICAN staff

Team Functions Responsibilities

Act as the employer liaison between supervisors and ICAN, unless appropriate to facilitate job coaches

Consultation at intake and assessment meetings for new clients with clients, parents, and case managers to determine if the program is appropriate for the client

To act as first job coach for newly interned or placed clients for their first shift, so that the client is supported in the process of starting their new job, receiving initial training from their supervisor and meeting their primary job coach.

Inform the program manager of any client behavior or work issues and suggest solutions

Maintain positive and solution-oriented effective working relationships with clients, guardians, hiring manager, colleagues, community members and the ICAN community

Participation in weekly team meetings, in-service training and monthly divisional training sessions

To ensure that the services provided to the clients are of the highest quality and in line with the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR), Department of Development Services (DDS), Regional Centers and Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)

To ensure that all client placement sites meet the accessibility and security requirements

Assist business managers by consulting or providing feedback on their monthly customer progress reports

Support the prediction of job coaches by communicating with coaches’ supervisors, coaches and the team in general to be aware of potential job opportunities and coaching needs

Full acceptance and active use of company systems, including customer record databases, communications (email, telephones, messages) and digital reports

Identifying barriers to the client’s success in achieving the IPP / IHSP objective (s) and how they can be overcome in terms of section 56720 (c) (2) (B) of these regulations

Providing positive role models to employees, clients and the ICAN community

Partial work program Club responsibilities

As indicated, it can be assigned to partial work programs to lead clubs for clients who want to develop workplace readiness. For these functions, the job developer reports to the relevant partial work program manager for specific assignments and guidance.

Provide small group instruction and assistance to clients during their activities.

Engage in interactive conversations with clients that encourage opportunities for growth to define, develop, and implement clients’ goals.

Maintaining all required customer documentation by completing the case notes before the end of each shift. Case notes must be submitted with the correct grammar and spelling, otherwise they can be returned. Business notes should take an average of ten minutes per client.

Report unusual behaviors or suspected abuse to the program manager or assistant manager immediately.

Write the lesson plans for the activities of various clubs in the ICAN Partial Work program according to given schedules and deadlines. These activities should provide experience with daily life skills according to the goals and objectives of the ICAN for partial work programs of each client.

Providing positive role models to clients and the ICAN community.

Performance requirements

Maintaining an equivalent of two placements, or one new placement and three new internships, per month as assessed quarterly

Maintain a performance rating of 3.5 or higher to be eligible for any incentive bonuses

The position has a base salary of $ 40,000 per year + bonus incentives based on performance.

Workplace: South Bay or Long Beach.
General hours: Monday to Friday, 08:30 to 17:00
Occasional shift adjustments to work evenings or weekends, if client interviews need to be scheduled outside normal office hours.


Expected salary:

Location: Long Beach, CA

Job date: Sat, 25 Sep 2021 07:22:10 GMT

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