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Dental Assistant

Job title: Dental Assistant

Company: Reef Systems

Job description: Dental Assistant

Reef Systems is seeking a Dental Assistant to assist the Aerospace Medicine Department (USAFSAM) of the 711th Human Performance Wing (711 HPW). With headquarters at Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio, 711 HPW is the first people-centered warfare to consolidate human performance research, education, and consultation under a single organization. The 711 HPW, established under the Air Force Research Laboratory, consists of the Airman Systems Directorate (RH) and the United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM). The Wing offers unparalleled capabilities to the Air Force through a combination of world-class infrastructure and expertise from its diverse military, civilian and contractor staff that includes 75 professional specialties, including science and engineering, occupational health and safety, medical professionals, technicians, technicians, technicians, business operations and support.

Compulsory qualifications:

  • The contractor must be a graduate of a military or civilian dental technical training course with at least three years’ experience.
  • The contractor must have a training certificate at assistant level (or higher equivalent).
  • The contractor must possess and retain proficiency in performing bite and panoramic dental radiographs.
  • The contractor must possess and retain proficiency in the management of dental autoclaves and sterilization of dental equipment to comply with the infection control standards.
  • The contractor maintains mandatory annual training requirements according to USAFSAM and local DAFMANs

US Citizenship:
Contractors who require access to USAF bases, AFRL facilities and / or access to the US Government Information Technology (IT) networks in connection with the work on this contract must be US citizens. For the purpose of basic and network access, possession of a Green Card does not equal US citizenship.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Perform duties as a dental assistant required to make recommendations for suitability for flight duties.
  • Prepare all dental chambers / equipment for use as required by the USAF Infection Control Guidelines in Dentistry and Title 10 of the U.S. Code, Sections 1074, 1074a, 1076, 1076a and 1077.
  • Prepare, obtain and process a clear and complete panoramic view and bite wing dental x-rays.
  • Send dental x-rays to wards on request.
  • Enter all personal data and information needed to identify and complete each physical examination
  • Enter and record vital signs, height, weight and anthropometric measurements. Order and record blood, urine samples and other laboratory tests needed to complete the physical examinations. Type and use the existing computer systems designed for these procedures
  • Order and record radiographic examinations needed to complete the physical examinations, to include additional examinations if necessary
  • Conduct and record all paraprofessional selection examinations required to complete flying service examinations IAW the PEM, MSD and DAFMAN 48-123
  • Enter and record audiometric tests and data input for this
  • Record results of 12-lead electrocardiogram
  • Identify, interpret and apply medical standards to all physical examinations in accordance with MSD, DAFMAN 48-123 and the USAF Aeromedical Waiver Guide
  • Enter all exam data for PEPP
  • Enter data entries in the AIMWTS
  • Interpret and record medical flight examination (MFS) examination information in the MFS web interface and update all required demographics
  • Carry out prior review of medical documents for disqualification of conditions in accordance with the MSD, DAFMAN 48-123 and USAF Waiver Guide and provide adequate documentation to justify the necessary special referral appointments during the week of the examination or to cancel the appointment after certification and waiver of authority agreement.
  • Ensure accurate patient demographics access to the FAA MedXPress website
  • Attend, if necessary, dental x-ray skills training and do dental x-rays in the absence of the dental technician
  • Responsible for monitoring, ordering and recharging medical supplies in a doctor’s examination room.
  • Supports training requests to demonstrate and describe routine functions of the MFS branch and how it supports the medical examination of the USAF Aircraft Officers, as well as the overall flight training mission, to students and executive staff
  • Conduct quarterly job competency review sessions on another subset of MFS branch technicians, along with other medical technician staff to improve task skills
  • Monitor CHCS order entry templates for administrative accuracy.
  • Ensure that all completed examinations have been submitted properly and that the tracking database is updated
  • Perform the routine assessment of each examination to verify that the examination type complies with the MAJCOM application for proper medical qualification for flight training
  • Assist with all other duties required to perform and complete each physical examination.

Work schedule:
Monday -Friday, 07:00 to 16:00; However, there may be times when the contractor is required to work after hours to support specific tasks. The schedule may need to be flexible.

Dayton, OH 45433

Vaccination Requirements for Health Workers (HCW) * HCW Health Requirements: The contractor must comply with all health requirements in the contract. Before the physical performance of services by the HCW, but not earlier than 60 days before the physical performance of services by the HCW, the contractor must provide documentation confirming the CDC-recommended health requirements for HCWs, such as vaccinations, annual vaccinations and medical tests at the time of initial placement and annually thereafter, as required by IAW AFI 44-108, Program for the Prevention and Control of Infections. The cost of all health requirements, including monitoring and detection of annual requirements, is borne by the contractor, at no extra cost to the government. The CDC and AFI 44- 108 categorize administrative staff in medical settings as health workers.

  • Annual vaccination requirements The contractor is vaccinated annually with vaccines recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for HCW IAW AFI 44-108, Program for the Prevention and Control of Infections. Some annual vaccinations may be provided by the government, if available, as determined by the local MTF. If the contractor decides to be vaccinated by the government, the contractor signs a waiver that exempts the government from the legal liability IAW local procedures and policies. Alternatively, the contractor can obtain vaccinations at another facility, at no cost to the government, and provide proof of vaccination to the government.
  • Immunization detection: The contractor must maintain their own process and system for detecting the currency of health immunizations and will not rely on the government to ensure that the HCWs comply

Contact point for this event:
Art Mata

Expected salary:

Location: Dayton, OH

Job date: Fri, 24 Sep 2021 07:21:45 GMT

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