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Assistant Chief Steward

Job title: Assistant Chief Steward


Job description: POSITION DESCRIPTION Post: Asst. General Manager Division: F&B Culinary Reports to: Manager Management positions Under supervision: Invigilator Invigilator & Stewards WORKING ENVIRONMENT Under the guidance and supervision of the General Manager / Executive Chef / POSITION DESCRIPTION Position: Ass. General Division: F&B Culinary reports to: Manager Supervised management positions: Supervisor of supervisor and custodians WORKING ENVIRONMENT Under the guidance and supervision of the General Manager / Executive Chef / Executive Sauce Chef and within the limits of established policies and procedures, all responsible for supervision aspects of stewardship. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. To promptly report the correct uniform and logos for service at all times. 2. Supervise the function of all management colleagues 3. Initiate and schedule preventative maintenance work and coordinate the process with Engineering. 4. Ensure that all kitchen areas are cleaned and maintained according to the required standard for sanitation and hygiene. 5. Check the setup of the buffet and mise en place and make sure everything is in order. 6. Start the weekly requirements of the department. 7. Check the supply of all outlets and production areas with a clean and correct mass and place before each service period. 8. Minimize costs through breakage control, loss prevention and economical supplies and chemical use. 9. Prepare purchase request in the absence of the general manager. 10. Ensure that dishwashers, dishwashers and kitchen areas are cleaned and maintained according to the sanitation and hygiene standards. 11. Ensure the safe and correct use of stevedoring equipment, such as dishwasher and dishwasher, glass washing machine, silver burning machine and other stevedoring equipment and machinery. 12. Ensure the cleanliness of all operating equipment. 13. Be aware of and perform responsibilities in accordance with the Dubai Food and Hygiene Regulations. 14. Make sure that all filters, hoods and kitchen floors are cleaned regularly according to the required standards. 15. Assist the general manager in drawing up the annual budget. 16. Maintain the established stock inventory operating equipment. 17. Assist the general manager in all inventory processes. 18. Prepare accident reports according to the prescribed standards. 19. Assist the general manager with the training requirements of the department. 20. Type accurate reports in the communication book daily. 21. Provide and maintain the highest standard of guest care and service throughout, both internal and external clients. 22. Ensure that all staff members, from administrative to rank and file level, strictly adhere to the high standard of personal hygiene and care. 23. Make sure that the prescribed uniform is well printed and worn in good condition, and make sure that the name tags are worn at all times. 24. Assist the general manager with the maintenance and updating of the departmental standard manual. 25. Ensure that all members of the department demonstrate the required standard of service. 26. Assist the general manager to regularly monitor the performance of the staff according to the prescribed standard. 27. Have a good knowledge of all hotel facilities and be able to answer guest questions quickly, politely and helpfully. 28. Guests’ complaints or problems must be dealt with immediately and unresolved incidents properly reported to the general manager. 29. Ensure that the company, hotel and statutory rules, regulations and policies are complied with at all times. 30. Decide on your responsibilities for health and safety at work. 31. Demonstrate a working knowledge of fire prevention and to ensure that staff follow the hotel evacuation procedures when they hear the alarm. 32. Aware of security with regard to guests, colleagues and hotel property / welfare and to report suspicious circumstances to the right authority. 33. Ensure that the departmental area is maintained in a safe, hygienic and advantageous condition and that all damage to furniture, fittings and equipment is reported to the appropriate authority as well as to immediate heads. 34. Communicate positively with colleagues to ensure effective teamwork and high morale. 35. Maintain a good and positive working relationship with colleagues and all other departments. 36. Attend meetings, information sessions and training sessions or courses that are beneficial to both departmental and personal persons. 37. Assist general manager with the orientation of new colleague members. 38. Assist general manager in the effective scheduling of colleagues 39. Assist supervisors, managers in the operation and redeploy colleagues if necessary to maximize productivity. 40. Effectively oversees departmental activities while on duty. 41. Has a complete understanding of and adheres to the enterprise policy regarding fire, hygiene and safety. 42. Respond to changes in the departmental function as prescribed by the industry, the business and the hotel 43. In the absence of the general manager, the assistant general manager attends the meetings in the chef’s office and takes notes on important issues and communicates with everyone the Steward colleagues. 44. In the absence of the general manager, the assistant chief steward raised important issues in the chef meeting and communicated with the executive chef regarding stewardship. QUALIFICATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS: 1. Reading, writing and oral skills in English language 2 Prior knowledge of dishwasher, steam cleaning, kitchen and floor cleaning equipment 3. Some supervisory experience in banquets, restaurants, kitchens or steward. 4. Knowledge of other languages ​​as appropriate

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Location: Dubai

Job date: Sat, 14 Aug 2021 22:20:49 GMT

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