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Phlebotomist IV-Group Lead req76811

Job title: Phlebotomist IV-Group Lead req76811

Company: Quest Diagnostics

Job description: Phlebotomist IV group leader req76811

Rep PS IV (Phleb) Group Leader – Fairfax, VA – Monday – Friday (9:00 – 17:00) (Rotation Saturday)

Go the extra mile. Patients and physicians rely on our diagnostic tests, information and services to help them make better healthcare decisions. These are often serious decisions with far-reaching consequences and require sensitivity, tact and clear commitment to service. It’s about clarity and hope.

In Patient Services, you work for the world leader in the industry, with a career where you can expand your skills and knowledge. You have a role in which you can act with professionalism, inspire your colleagues and care about the work we do and the people we serve.

At Quest, patient service roles are extremely important – they are a patient-oriented role, where it is essential to remember that there is a life and a person behind each test tube. Your skills are critical, as is your ability to work with patients. The role is diverse and offers an evolving career in phlebotomy due to the scope and scope of Quest. You can grow and improve your skills in a fast-paced, supportive team environment. The important thing is that you can help us make a real difference.

Job summary

The Patient Service Representative IV – Group Lead (PSR IV – Group Lead) represents the face of our business for patients who come to Quest Diagnostics, either as part of their health routine or for insights into life-determining health decisions. The PSR IV must have a deep understanding and knowledge of established practices and procedures and create an atmosphere of trust and confidence for our patients, clients, clients and internal leadership. The PSR IV must ensure that the daily work of the patient service center / mobile / long-term care / in-office phlebotomy is completed accurately and on time. The PSR IV is also responsible for providing the patient, client, field, compliance, training, metrics and administrative support to the supervisor or functional patient service manager, as needed in the patient service area. The PSR IV must function as a backup for the supervisor of the patient services and perform duties and responsibilities in his / her absence.

The PSR IV demonstrates Quest Leadership Behaviors while focusing on process excellence skills and sensitivity to confidentiality and accuracy for patient information. This role is held accountable for Patient Service Center (PSC) and / or In-Office Phlebotomy (IOP) activities in the field, including the opening and closing of both PSCs and IOP sites. Successful applicants can be assigned to work and daily activities in a doctor’s office, a patient service center, in a home call environment, long-term care or according to the needs of the business. You will be expected to act as a coach, mentor, instructor and resource advisor for new employees and provide effective on-board services to new clients. They will also be a contact point for staff in the region and provide regular input to the supervisor or manager of the functional patient service. In addition, the PSR IV should demonstrate leadership abilities and a higher level of client-oriented skills, including; oral and written communication, problem solving and collaboration with various functions, such as: Sales, laboratory testing services, IT connection, invoicing and logistics due to their specialty and / or complex testing assignments. The PSR IV must be able to handle multiple priorities in a high volume environment.

Work responsibilities (responsibilities)

Collect samples according to the established procedures. These include, but are not limited to: drug screens, biometric screening, and insurance exams.

Apply oral solutions according to the established training.

Research test / customer information and confirm and verify all written and electronic orders using laboratory technology systems or services.

Responsible for the accurate completion of all data entry requirements, including the entry of patient registration; entering the test order from the requisition or deleting the order from the database; Manage existing orders.

Enter billing information and collect payments as needed, including asset protection and credit card information.

Samples for data entry and processing, including: labeling, centrifugation, splitting and freezing of samples as required by the test order.

Performs department-related administrative duties when assigned, such as data entry, inventory, inventory, and answering phones if necessary.

Read, understand and comply with the departmental policies, protocols and procedures: (ie Procedure Manuals, Safety Manual, Compliance Manual, Motor Policy and Procedures, Employee Manual, Quality Assurance Manual); and ensure that all staff members follow instructions.

Verify the patient’s demographic information / initials, including the patient’s signature after the venupuncture to verify that the tubes are marked in their presence and that the name on the label is correct.

Assist with compiling and submitting monthly statistics and data.

Maintain all applicable phlebotomy logs in a timely and frequency-based manner, such as maintenance logs and temperature logs.

Complete training courses and stay up to date with the latest phlebotomy techniques.

Travel to an area manager meeting if held off-site or off-duty.

Participate in special projects and teams.

Keep abreast of corporate communications and assist in disseminating technical information to the working group.

Perform Point of Care (POC) tests at the locations where necessary and the full evaluation of training / competencies according to the standard operating procedure (SOP).

With the appropriate training, act as a mentor and resource for new employees, to assist you with the transition to the PSC work environment and familiarity with established procedures.

Help with periodic inventory returns.

Assist with setting up schedules for the assigned workgroup or PSCs.

Communicate professionally with clients to solve, refer and document problems, prepare problem documentation and report critical issues as they occur.

Make sure staff follow all safety precautions by wearing a clean lab coat with buttons, gloves and face shield when needed.

Assist supervisors in implementing SOPs and disseminating technical information and communications to the working group in accordance with Quest Diagnostics guidelines.

Make sure the facilities are neat, clean and well restored; take the necessary steps to notify the supervisor of the necessary repairs and maintenance.

You will be expected to act as a coach, mentor, instructor and resource advisor for new employees, as well as to contact the staff members on the premises and provide regular input to the supervisor.

Provide effective on-board services to new customers.

Work with supervisors to assist with the transition process to set up new offices for both PSCs and IOPs.

Must be able to intercede for a PSR III and lead one or more PSRs on site.

Supports website inquiries from the website, chair of office and managed care, if needed.

Supports the problem-solving line and can, if necessary, be called to the field about a patient reminder.

Provide input on the performance evaluations of the PSRs.

Job requirements

The ability to provide quality, error-free work in a fast-paced environment.

The ability to work independently with minimal on-site supervision.

Excellent phlebotomy skills, including pediatric and geriatric.

Flexible and available based on staffing needs, which includes weekends, holidays, telephony and overtime.

Dedicated to all of Quest Diagnostics’ policies and procedures, including company attire, employee health and safety, and the guidelines for daily excellence at Quest Diagnostics.

Must be able to make decisions based on established procedures and exercise good judgment.

Must have reliable transport, valid driving license and a clean driving record, if applicable.

Travel and flexible hours are required to work in multiple locations and must be covered at the patient service center / mobile / long-term care / in-office phlebotomy locations with minimal notice.

Able to handle multiple priorities in a high volume setting.

Must show excellent customer focus; the ability to communicate openly and transparently with peers, supervisors and patients; the ability to accelerate and embrace change during Quest; and knowledge of our business.

Physical requirements

Lift light to moderately heavy objects. The normal performance of duties may require the pick-up and transport of objects. Objects weighing 1 to 15 pounds are regularly picked up and carried; objects in the weight range of 16 to 25 pounds are occasionally picked up and carried and objects in the weight range of 26 to 40 pounds are rarely lifted and carried. Objects over 41 kilograms may not be lifted or carried without assistance.

Must be able to sit or stand for long periods of time; requires long hours of eye and hand coordination.

Must be able to perform repeated tasks with dominant hand regularly until constantly throughout the day.

Position requires travel.

Extensive use of telephone and computer.

Fine dexterity with hands / stability.




Bend / kneel.

Push / pull.

Reach / turn.

[All requirements are subject to possible modifications to reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities. All duties and requirements are essential job functions.]

Required education

High school diploma or equivalent.

Medical training: medical assistant or paramedic training preferred.

Phlebotomy certification preferred. Requires in California, Nevada and Washington.

Work experience

A minimum of seven years of phlebotomy experience is required, including pediatric, geriatric and capillary collections.

Preferred for 5 to 7 years in a PSC / IOP environment.

Preferred customer service in a retail or service environment.

Experience with keyboard / data entry.

All requirements are subject to possible modifications to reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities. Quest Diagnostics is an equal opportunity employer: women / minorities / veterans / disabled / sexual orientation / gender identity or citizenship.

Expected salary:

Location: Fairfax, VA

Job date: Sun, 19 Sep 2021 07:40:08 GMT

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