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Head of Operations

Job title: Head of Operations

Company: Taaleem

Job description:

  • Manages, leads and leads all teams at school that deal with sites / facilities, operations and cost control.
  • Manage all related areas to maintain high levels of health, safety, security and financial control.
  • Support the principal and Taaleem to develop the business in line with the strategic platforms; Growth, operational excellence, the development of our people, endorsement of customers.

Personnel management

  • Develop and maintain effective partnerships and engage in positive communication with all staff, senior leaders and the principal
  • Provide guidance to the facility manager and head of security.
  • This includes ensuring that they meet their responsibilities and KPIs, support their professional development, conduct evaluations and address performance issues.
  • Adhere to the school’s policies and procedures and ensure that all supervised staff also do
  • Support for the recruitment of administrative staff
  • Line management of IT technicians, managers and administrative assistants

Purchasing and contract management

  • Serve as the lead in receiving inventory deductions, confirm that all goods meet the requirements of the orders, and process signed invoices and delivery notes
  • Provide school-based supervision of service-related contracts, which include ensuring that providers provide services according to their contract and confirming to the central office procurement that all services are provided as required
  • Assist in collaboration with school staff and Central Office Procurement, where applicable, in purchasing local supplies and services.
  • Purchases must comply with the Taaleem procurement policy
  • Provide the necessary documents on time to the central office procurement to make the payment of monthly invoices easier
  • Take responsibility for the proper maintenance of all school furniture, fittings and fittings within the limits of the school budgets and report back to the principal or delegate on any problems that need to be repaired and / or replaced so that proper financing can be planned / in advance, where possible, awarded
  • Monitor safety, cleaning, catering and other relevant contracts for the school to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and value for money.
  • Prepare all tender documents in collaboration with Central Office Procurement for renewal or contract changes
  • Responsible for the leasing of school grounds to external organizations and school staff, and for the development of all school facilities for out-of-school use, with special reference to the local community
  • Work with the school facility manager, principal and central office operations on short (immediate), medium (up to summer jobs) and long term (3-year cycle) maintenance and improvement requirements.
  • This includes setting up an ongoing maintenance program consisting of decoration, renovation / upgrading and repairs.
  • In addition, judicious use of the school’s maintenance budget for minor repairs as well as regular improvements is needed to proactively seek the views and vision of the main and central office operations.
  • Relations with ESM and DPA

Health and safety

  • As the principal health and safety officer for the school, you must ensure that all aspects of the school comply with all related requirements of Taaleem, the government and the school.
  • Any concerns and / or improvements should be reported immediately to the principal, the central facilities manager (MEP matters) and the head of procurement and operational support (all other matters).
  • Assist the principal and / or their delegate with the administration of the crisis management and reporting protocol if / if necessary
  • Keep track of accidents and injuries at school. Lead efforts to bring about changes / improvements to the grounds, buildings, equipment and / or facilities that have caused or led to accidents or injuries.
  • Report such incidents and solutions to the principal, the head of procurement and operational support and the central facilities manager
  • Ensure that adequate and proper health and safety signs are in place
  • Ensure that efficient and safe transportation is provided. This includes school bus transport and Taaleem drivers, as applicable

Staff Accommodation

  • Contact the school’s HR advisor and the central office’s procurement and operational support department to ensure that the preparation, maintenance (if applicable) and departure of staff in Taaleem Provided Accommodation (TPA) meet all requirements.

The primary focus is on TPAs ‚Äč‚Äčoutside Taaleem Residences in Dubai Studio City.

Responsibilities that can be delegated to the school’s FM manager may include

  • Supporting the preparation of units, inspection of units and the signing of the teacher on the checklist
  • Cleaning of units at the end of leases, exchange of keys
  • Submit the final inspection report to the operations assistant at the central office with all the payment receipts for utilities that affect the full and final settlement
  • Ensure that repairs are carried out adequately.
  • Familiarize yourself with the document on housing procedures issued through procurement and operational support, and comply with all aspects of TPA and the specific roles and timings pertaining to schools


  • Control school expenses, income payments and capital budgets in accordance with Taaleem’s financial regulations and in accordance with the auditor’s recommendations
  • Agree on expenses with budget holders and provide regular financial reports as needed
  • Regularly report to the principal and BEE on the financial condition of the school
  • Use financial management information, in particular benchmarks, to identify areas of relative expenditure and provide advice accordingly. Suggest ways to make the budget more effective
  • Supervise the school account function, ensure its effective operation in accordance with agreed procedures, and maintain the procedures by conducting an annual review
  • Provide all information required by the internal auditors and make recommendations
  • Manage the order, processing and payment of all goods and services delivered to the school
  • Supports drafting invoices and collecting all fees and other fees
  • Maximize revenue generation, including bidding and fundraising for the school
  • Manages monthly reconciliation of all school records with those of Taaleem, including salaries and stock coverage (in collaboration with the principal)


  • Ensure that buildings and premises comply with all requirements of the Ministry of Health and Safety Regulations, Municipality, Civil Defense and other government bodies, including the education regulator
  • Ensure that security, cleaning and contracted staff, such as canteens, clinics and lifeguards, have the correct government documentation (ie occupational health cards) to be authorized to work in the school. Provide advice to the Central Facilities Manager and resolve any gaps immediately
  • If necessary, you can provide copies of all maintenance contracts for facilities and other school services to the authorities
  • Always be prepared for an inspection by the public transport authorities which shows that the government complies with the requirements according to the checklist of the central office
  • Provides reports and fines from government inspections, including RTA / DOT, and immediately updates the bus checklist with the new requests arising from an inspection to the central office transport controller
  • Ensure compliance with Taaleem policies and procedures, and that other employees are trained in and familiar with relevant policies and procedures, including procurement and health and safety
  • Responsible for regulatory and legal compliance of operations and all relevant government authorities



  • Bachelor’s degree or industry-related qualification at a similar level.


  • Minimum 3 years experience in similar role (eg facilities, purchasing), ideally in an educational institution or a related service provider industry.


  • Team management, operational management and compliance experience, working with regulatory bodies, strategic planning and business development, strong IT skills and logistics.


  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to solve and support staff with complex problems.
  • Express all staff and support to overcome problems affecting personal circumstances.
  • Visionary in terms of developing systems and structures, yet paying attention to detail on day-to-day operational tasks.


The most important activity of Taaleem is the development and management of early childhood, primary schools and high schools. With quality at the forefront of our offering, we tailor each project to meet the specific educational requirements of a wide range of families by offering the best international curricula, including Brits, Americans, the International Bachelor and our customized program for early childhood.

Taaleem, which means education in Arabic, is committed to inspiring students and helping them identify and develop their passions and talents. We recruit only the best international teachers who can deliver our international curricula in a creative and engaging way.

Taaleem wants to raise the educational standards in the region. The combined experience of its core team of senior education leaders in international education policy, operations and best management practices in global governance means that Taaleem is well positioned to ensure the exceptional schools that meet the most comprehensive and demanding education development requirements.

Expected salary:

Location: Dubai

Job date: Thu, 02 Sep 2021 07:48:09 GMT

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