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Grad Student Support 3 (Gr9)

Job title: Grad Student Support 3 (Gr9)

Company: University of British Columbia

Job description: Staff – Union

Work category CUPE 2950

Job Profile CUPE 2950 Salary – Degree Student Support 3 (Gr9)

Job title Degree Student Support 3 (Gr9)

Department of Administration and Operations | Department of Education and Counseling and Psychology, and Special Education | Faculty of Education

Compensation Range $ 4,331.00 – $ 4,835.00 CAD Monthly

Place end date 21 September 2021

Note: Applications are accepted until 23:59 on the day before the end date above.

End date of work

Summary of job description

Provides guidance and assistance to approximately 500 graduate students and 45 faculty members. Responsible for coordinating a variety of complex tasks related to the administrative functions associated with the postgraduate student program in the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology and Special Education. Responsible for the use of and suggestions for the improvement of supporting systems (eg Database). A thorough knowledge of UBC and departmental policies and procedures regarding the graduate program.

Organizational status

We are working with the second postgraduate program assistant. Report to the administrative manager and interact with the principal, co-principal, faculty, graduate students, staff and the public. Link closely with graduate and graduate study; UBC Student Services; Faculty of Education Office for Postgraduate Programs and Research; Departmental Postgraduate Program Director, Professional Development and Community Engagement and others.

Work done


– Advises prospective graduate students, provides information on admission requirements, immigration documentation, employment authorization, TOEFL / IELTS and GRE standards. Evaluate transcripts and assess suitability and ensure that the necessary documentation supporting the application is received.

– Responsible for all aspects of admission to postgraduate programs, including the selection process and bringing matters for which special assessment is required, to an admissions committee

Responsible for processing completed application files. Review files with the director of graduate programs and faculties. Responsible for liaison with prospective students. Ensure that all timelines for processing applications are met.

– Liaise with other academic institutions to identify barriers to increasing enrollment and make recommendations for improvement.

– Responsible for the supervision of the incoming graduate applicants’ documents / files with regard to the processing of their applications for admission. Responsible for supervising the creation and maintenance of documents / files of postgraduate students related to the postgraduate program and awards for postgraduate students.

– Maintain the content of the department’s online application system, including: enabling and disabling online applications; adapting online application according to departmental needs; printing and running online programs; gives feedback and suggestions on how to improve the online application features.

Advising / Records / Registration / Student-progress-Graduation / Doctoral examinations:

– Solve complex problems related to graduate students in consultation with the postgraduate program area coordinators and the director of postgraduate programs. Monitor milestones of doctoral students and progress in completing degree, annual reviews, candidacy, etc. Review academic progress reports in consultation with the Director of Postgraduate Programs to ensure that the prerequisites for the graduation ceremony are met. Record course marks and advise the registrar and the G + PS, if necessary.

– Prepare and submit requests for changes to student records on G + PS, such as absences, program extensions, grade changes, and program transfers, to ensure that all required information and approvals are included.

– It deals with case-specific inquiries (including routine status inquiries of prospective graduate students, status of student programs, etc.), and informs students of UBC policies and procedures. Revise complex problems related to graduate students with faculty members: Postgraduate program coordinators, director of postgraduate programs or the head of department.

– Do regular checks (at least annually) for student registration / record problems such as missing grades, expired registration, etc.

– Conduct regular investigations (at least annually) of the academic progress of students, to ensure that students meet academic progress dates to write comprehensive examinations, to advance to candidacy and to complete programs.

– Process the necessary paperwork for the Ph.D. final examination to be completed: review that the timelines with regard to the processing of the completion of degree requirements are met; arrange for the completion of the degree requirements to be sent to the G + PS.

– Register students in restricted courses.

– Open, in collaboration with the timetable representative and area coordinators, sections of courses if necessary and perform student registration in these courses.

– Ensure that graduate students meet all program requirements and prepare the graduation checklist.

– Responsible for maintaining the database of graduate students. Provide statistical information as requested by the head of department, deputy head, director of postgraduate programs, coordinators of the program areas and administrative director.

Grants / financial aid:

– Advise and respond to inquiries from students and supervisors regarding deadlines and requirements for awarding.

– Assist departmental bursary committee, faculty and students in compiling applications for different types of student grant applications, and place bursaries on Connect.

– Responsible for the processing and evaluation of all graduate awards. Assist the Director of Postgraduate Award Programs in reviewing transcripts and ranking applications for the Tri-Council Awards. Follow up on student awards by processing documentation and ensuring that students receive awards.

– Performs financial duties, such as managing a budget, locating all allocated money for bursaries and societies (4YF and GSI), etc.

– Prepare the Tri-Council / Affiliated Fellowships nomination package for submission to G + PS, to ensure that all required documentation is intact. Follow up on the missing documentation.

– Track recipient data and provide administrative assistance in awarding grants

Attend Tri-Council / Affiliated Fellowships workshops presented by G + PS and share important information with students and faculties.

Training / supervision:

– Coordinate and schedule the work of the GAA Peer Advisors. Ensure that GAA peer advisors have the appointment schedule to see prospective applicants once or twice a week, and coordinate the schedule of briefings with the GAA.

– Monitor the performance of GAAs and ensure that GAAs can answer questions related to admissions. Provide feedback to the Director of Postgraduate Programs and, Area Coordinators and Administrative Manager on the level of competence that the GAAs can handle.

– Provide input and make recommendations to the administrative manager, director of postgraduate programs and departmental area coordinators on the appointment / reappointment of GAAs and temporary office staff.

– Coordinates and schedules work during the admission season for work students and if necessary.

Trains Departmental Postgraduate Academic Assistants, temporary office staff and work study students.

Additional responsibilities:

– Responsible for maintaining the database of graduate students. Provide statistical information as requested by the head of department, deputy head, director of postgraduate programs and coordinators of the program area.

Provides administrative support, including the taking and transcribing of program area minutes, and support for annual and periodic accreditation assessments of programs by professional bodies, including the design of an online survey.

– Performs administrative duties, such as compiling complex correspondence and reports, overseeing the storage, retrieval and destruction of archival material and the development and maintenance of promotional material for the program.

– Ensure that students meet the requirements for criminal record testing prior to registration in field experience and clinical courses.

– Provide informal presentations of a routine nature to graduate students regarding graduation requirements and interpretation of the Provincial Teacher Qualification Requirements for category change.

-Maintain the updated procedure manual for performing work.

Responds to a variety of written, e-mail and oral inquiries of an interpretive nature.

Consequence of error / judgment

The work is expected to be at a high level of accuracy. The impact of errors is extremely serious, whereby an error can adversely affect a student’s admission to the postgraduate program, university status, admission to courses and completion of the degree. Such errors affect the administrative efficiency within this department, as well as the administrative efficiency of G + PS and the registrar.

Supervision received

Work independently within the departmental and university guidelines, under administrative guidance of the administrative manager.


Guides and trains up to five departmental academic assistants and one work study student. Coordinates and schedules work for departmental graduate academic assistants. Monitor performance of GAAs and make recommendations to Director of Postgraduate Programs and Area Coordinators / Administrative Manager. Train Departmental GAAs, temporary staff, new staff and work student students on work procedures. Supervises the admission process and communication of the postgraduate student. Coordinates events such as catering requests for postgraduate seminars, welcoming orientation for graduates, reception for graduates and produces the textbook for graduate students and brochure.

Preferred qualifications

High school graduation and two years post-secondary diploma and training in office procedures and practices. University degree preferred. 4 years related experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience. Knowledge of function of postgraduate education within a university an asset. The ability to maintain accuracy and attention to detail.
Ability to set priorities and exercise initiative and judgment in planning assignments.
Ability to work effectively independently and in a team environment.
The ability to exercise tact and discretion.
Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.
The ability to manage multiple tasks and priorities effectively.
The ability to analyze problems, identify important information and issues and solve them effectively.
The ability to serve customers in a polite, patient manner.
Communicate effectively and tactfully with faculty, staff, students and internal and external contacts to disseminate and receive information.
Knowledge of UBC policies and procedures and postgraduate programs required.
Word processing / computer experience required (Word, Excel, Access, SISC, FSC and Connect preferred).

Expected salary: $4331 – 4835 per month

Location: Canada

Job date: Thu, 16 Sep 2021 06:29:45 GMT

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