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Extra Help – Public Health Assistant

Job title: Extra Help – Public Health Assistant

Company: Butte County

Job description: Summary

This is an extra help position. Extra help means it can be a part-time or non-permanent position. The number of hours worked per week can vary and depends on the needs of the department. Consult the Butte County Staff Rules for terms and conditions regarding additional assistance with Butte County.

Under careful supervision, the health workers help to provide a variety of health care services to the community and other public agencies; monitor patients and obtain information from customers; assists clients with application and suitability requirements.

FLSA: Non-Released

Essential job functions

Essential features, as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act, may include any of the following tasks, knowledge, skills, and other characteristics. The following list is not intended to be a comprehensive list; it is intended to give a representative summary of the most important duties and responsibilities. It is possible that the incumbent (s) will not have to perform all listed duties, and it may also be necessary to perform additional position-specific tasks.

  • Perform entertainment activities at the reception; answer phone; respond to questions and inquiries; provides information to the public and other agencies; receive and process payment for services rendered; write and give receipt for it.
  • Checks at customers; draw maps, medical records and other materials
  • Performs administrative duties; files and keep records, immunization records, letters, reports and other documents; collect monthly statistics; answer phones; contact with clients and patients; schedule classes and appointments; open and distribute incoming mail; enter data into the computer.
  • Inform the public and agency workers about various available health promotion and disease prevention programs.
  • Assist clients with applications; explain fitness requirements; coordinate transportation for patients; enroll and re-certify patients.
  • Complies with the confidentiality standards of the Privacy Act of 1974, {USS SS 552A} as amended.
  • Can help healthcare providers provide a range of healthcare services to the public health clinic, the community and other public agencies.
  • Can assist nurses, doctors, and staff nurses in obtaining lifelike patients, including height, weight, urine, and buccol samples.
  • May perform vision, hearing and secreted laboratory tests of samples according to agency protocol, such as hemoglobin.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

Minimum qualifications

  • High school diploma or GED equivalent certificate.
  • One (1) year experience in medical office, public health care or a community-based organization.
  • A valid California state driver’s license may be required

Environmental factors and conditions / physical requirements

  • Work is performed in a clinic, home, community and / or office environment.
  • Work involves the potential for exposure to hostile situations and infectious diseases; some non-standard working hours may be required.

Teamsters-General Unit


Salary step increases:
The starting salary and the top of the salary range are usually indicated on the job announcement. At satisfactory service, salary increases of about 5% can be given annually until the top of the salary is reached.

Boat allowance:
$ 120 for each year, paid in monthly installments. For qualifying classifications only.

12 paid holidays per year.

0-4.99 years: 15 days / yr; 5-9.99 years: 20 days / yr .; 10-19.99 years: 25 days / yr; 20+ years: 27 days / yr. Please note – accumulated holiday leave may only be used after six months of service.

Sick leave:
Every year, 96 hours of sick leave are earned without a maximum accrual.

Mourning leave:
Maximum 40 hours for each event in the immediate family.

Health plan including dental insurance and vision insurance:
Coverage under the Butte County Health Plan is for eligible employees and their dependents. Depending on the plan chosen by the employee, the Province contributes a significant amount to the total cost of the full health package, which consists of medical, visual and dental insurance. Currently, the amount the county contributes to family coverage is $ 1192.00 per month. For employees who have health coverage from other sources and who choose not to participate in the Butte County Health Plan, the county offers a monthly taxable cash refund. The current repayable cash refund is $ 403.34 per month (relative to less than full-time employees). This benefit is $ 200 per month for employees hired on or after January 1, 2014.

Life insurance:
The county offers $ 25,000 life insurance with additional coverage at a minimal cost.

The county is coordinated with social security in the public employee pension system (CalPERS).

“Classic members” – 2% @ 55. Final remuneration based on the highest highest year. Employee responsible for the full 7% employee share that is effective 1/1/2013.

“New members” up to PRESS- 2% @ 62. Final remuneration based on the highest three-year average. Employee responsible for half (1/2) of the normal cost of the CalPERS pension.
“New member” is defined by law (PEPRA) as a ‘1) an individual who has never been a member of a public retirement scheme before 1/1/2013 or 2) an individual who becomes a member of a public retirement scheme for the first time on or after 1 January 2013, and who was previously a member of a public retirement scheme but who was not subject to reciprocity. an interruption of more than six months, returned to an active employer after an active membership of the system

Deferred compensation:
The county offers a 457 deferred compensation program. Deposits in this plan are strictly voluntary and are made with a tax deduction on a payroll. The county makes no contributions to the employees’ deferred compensation accounts.

Disability insurance:
For short-term disability, the County participates in the California State Disability Insurance (SDI) fund. Employees in the province are also covered by a long-term disability program paid for by employees. The long-term disability insurance benefit is 60% of the disabled employee’s bi-weekly wage.

Flexible spending program:
County employees can choose to participate in a flexible spending program. With this program, employees can use pre-tax money to pay for certain health care and / or dependent care expenses. In addition, employees can choose to withhold their share of the monthly premium for Health Plan from their checks even before tax. In general, employees participating in the flexible spending program withheld less tax for their payroll checks than if they had decided not to do so.

Tuition fee:
Up to $ 500 per year.

Employee Assistance Program (EMP):
Butte County offers an employee assistance program for employees and their dependents. The EMP provides confidential, professional counseling services.
Refer to specific labor agreements (Teamsters-General) for more information on benefits.


Any information on this page or links is subject to change without notice.

Butte County Department of Human Resources
3 County Center Drive, Oroville, CA 95965
(530) 552,3552

Comments, send an email to:

Expected salary: $30035.2 – 40227.2 per year

Location: Oroville, CA

Job date: Wed, 15 Sep 2021 07:32:24 GMT

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