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Audio-visual Technician, CSG/VEM

Job title: Audio-visual Technician, CSG/VEM

Company: ICAO

Job description: Position information

Place title:

Audiovisual Technician (2 Positions)

IC vacancy notice:

2021 / XX / IC


Band A

Post period:

20 August – 10 September 2021

Service station:


Date of enrollment on duty:

Na 13 September 2021



Position level (grade)


ICAO Duty Station




ABW Post Reference

2021 / __ / IC (WO AD063)

The organizational environment

The Bureau of Administration and Services (ADB) plays a leading role in the effective and efficient administrative management of the organization by ensuring the provision of high quality physical and human resources, by applying the highest standards of work ethic and behavior. and through the use of results-based management skills and tools to support the organization in implementing its strategic objectives, to serve all stakeholders of the global aviation community.

ADB’s Conference, Security and General Services (CSG) Division is primarily responsible for managing events and services, general services, building administration and security management of the premises.

The Venue and Event Management (VEM) unit of ICAO is committed to customer satisfaction, compliance with compliance obligations, environmental protection and the provision of safe and healthy working conditions, while providing sustainable venue and event management services. We are committed to complying with legal and standardization requirements to protect the environment, to eliminate health and safety risks and risks for the prevention of work-related injuries and ill health. By consulting and encouraging the participation of our staff, the continuous improvement of the management system for quality, environment, occupational health and safety (QEHS) is ensured. VEM complies with the requirements of International Standards ,,,.

Important duties and responsibilities

Function 1

Act as a conference audio-visual technician for all formats and achieve results such as:

  • Operate, test, support virtual meetings (Zoom, RSI platforms, etc.)
  • Perform operational tests.
  • Assembly set up correctly in the system.
  • System hardware / software Daily checks.
  • Try to fix the system and repair it.
  • Evaluate new systems and prepare feedback to management on how the operating system is.
  • Monitor, operate and oversee virtual online meetings (host or co-host role, etc.), including the ANC, the Council.
  • Provides support for levels 2 and 3 for virtual meeting platforms.
  • Use both computerized microphone systems (BOSCH Digital Congress Network and BRAHLER CDS200) and A / V equipment for ICAO meetings (Board, Air Navigation Commission, expert panels, committees, etc.) participants and interpreters, as well as the recording technician and the monitor exchange system ( MX).
  • Arrange the conference rooms for meetings (nameplates, stationary, audio, hardware, software, etc.); change and resolve the computer system program of the conference venue to assist the president or chairperson in conducting an efficient and orderly meeting (setting up the country and / or members’ names according to the seating plan), and setting up the A / V – equipment.
  • Helps with seat preparation.
  • Assist with the maintenance and daily setup of portable A / V equipment, ie LCD sources, public address systems, media audio distribution centers, etc.
  • Use sound and microphone systems in conference rooms.
  • Program CRMS (Conference Recording and Monitoring System) for audio and video recordings on an emergency backup basis
  • Retrieve surveys for clients, transcript, delegations, etc. On
  • Holds, manages and oversees virtual meetings, coordinates recordings, meeting reports, etc.
  • Use CEO interpretation systems developed by CTS to provide complete interpretation services during virtual and hybrid meetings

Function 2

Act as a Venue Logistics Assistant and achieve results such as:

  • Assist with meeting preparation by setting up and configuring conference hardware and operating equipment during conferences.
  • Set up meeting rooms according to the needs of specific clients.
  • Complete and maintain a logbook and checklist of supplies and equipment for meeting rooms.
  • Venue Stage operator: Maintains and operates the stage lighting system in the Assembly Hall.
  • Exhibition supervisor Set up exhibition equipment and furniture, including booths, power and sound / image.
  • Any other logistical task for ICAO events.

Function 3

Act as a video conferencing operator and get results like:

  • Set up, operate, and fix the video conferencing system (ISDN Polycom system, VOIP solutions, and web-based tools).
  • Liaise with technical staff from remote locations to perform compatibility tests regarding the video conferencing system.

Function 4

It serves as a focal point for the AMX Digital Signage system

  • New task taken over for non-renewal of the Venue and Event Logistics Assistant SSA.
  • Perform setup and maintenance of the AMX Digital signage system.
  • Program daily display boards.
  • Link with communication and ICT regarding signs.

Function 5

Perform other related duties as assigned.

Qualifications and experience

Educational background

Technical school enrollment or diploma, including courses on audio and video technology operations, IT systems on video data projector, equipment installation, operation, repair and maintenance. Certificates in audio and video training or equivalent to on-the-job training.

Professional experience and knowledge

  • Experience with the use of audio-visual systems for events, conferences and events.
  • Work experience with A / V equipment, computers and specialized software (microphone management; video editing; audio editing); video technology (standards, format, region codes, etc.).
  • Ability to work with media and record plaster panels and high voltage electrical equipment.
  • Collaboration and teamwork skills.
  • Effective communication and presentation skills.
  • Knowledge of ISO standards will be an asset.

Language skills


The work requires functional reading, writing and speaking skills in English and French.


Knowledge of any of the following languages ​​of the organization (Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish).


  • Customer focus: the willingness and ability to see things from the customer’s perspective, meet the needs and concerns of the customer; find suitable solutions for customers and keep customers informed.
  • Planning and organizing: the ability to set clear goals, to prioritize, to anticipate problems or risks, and to use time efficiently.
  • Technological awareness: the willingness and ability to keep abreast of available technology, to understand the applications and limitations of technology and to actively try to apply and learn new technologies.
  • Teamwork: the ability to work together or with colleagues in work groups and as part of teams to achieve agreed goals. Initiative, discretion and the ability to maintain harmonious working relationships.

Terms of service

These posts must be filled for an initial period of six (6) months with the possibility of an extension of up to 11 months. The incumbents are expected to work according to a flexible schedule, depending on the requirements of the conference, including evenings and weekends.

Note that the daily rate (7 hours) for this post starts at $ 100 (band A).

How to apply

Interested candidates must complete an online application form. Visit ICAO’s e-recruitment website at:.

Notice to candidates

ICAO does NOT charge any fees or ask money from candidates at any stage of the selection process, nor is it involved in bank account details of applicants. Requests of this nature allegedly made on behalf of ICAO are fraudulent and must be disregarded.

Expected salary:

Location: Montreal, QC

Job date: Thu, 16 Sep 2021 06:31:24 GMT

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