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Product Tester at Home. $25hr-$45hr. No Experience Required. Part-time

Job title: Product Tester at Home. $25hr-$45hr. No Experience Required. Part-time


Job description: Currently, we are hiring product testers (from home) in most of the Canadian provinces to expand our private network of home users (IHUT) to fulfill upcoming contracts with multinational market research firms. We guarantee 15-20 hours per week with an hourly wage between $ 25 / hour. and $ 45 per hour, depending on the project for home use. No experience required.

Canadian Consumer PanelsĀ® is a consulting firm specializing in product testing and product development work. We design and perform indoor use testing (IHUT) locally and nationally to provide real-time user feedback to businesses and market research firms to evaluate products, packaging, related product instructions and more.

We use our network of private panels (In Home Usage Testers) to provide product testers to businesses to evaluate a wide range of products at home to ensure proper product certification and greater market access.

Note that although this task can be done 95% of the time at home, In-Home Product Testers can often be asked to visit the customer’s office, laboratory, store, warehouse or factory for training or meetings. These optional visits are also paid per hour.

During your application process, we determine your consumer profile and determine which products you can test according to your demographics, lifestyle, consumer behavior, skills, hobbies and abilities. Research questionnaires are used to identify and target certain types of consumers, to ensure that the right participants are involved and to obtain the necessary representative sample. Job candidates for home use tests are also examined to meet the client’s needs of the project to ensure that the product is one they qualify to test and that they have a balance between demographics and attitudes.

Participation in this product testing and consumer panels is always free, secure and private. Testing for home use is a quick, easy and fun way to make extra money by telling big brands what you think about their upcoming products and services in the Canadian market.

Main tasks:

  • Sign and return a confidentiality agreement before shipping the product to be tested. Persons who complete the required documents will send the products to their homes.
  • Once the product has been received for home use testing (IHUT), the product tester must care for the tested product and use it responsibly.
  • Read and follow the daily schedule for home use tests provided with each product test project. Daily schedules for home use tests can include tasks you need to do, such as: unpacking, reading instructions, journal entries, online or mobile feedback, using the product for a certain amount of time, writing reviews, taking photos, and so on.
  • Document home use test correctly as indicated in the daily schedule for home use. Types of documentation commonly used for home use tests are screenshots, audio recordings, videos, and product journals.
  • Attend online Skype meetings or telephony meetings with account managers, brand managers, research managers, product managers or small business owners to provide ongoing product usage feedback. These short virtual meetings can take place 2-3 times a week and are also paid by the hour.
  • Some home use testing projects may require participants to use MFour’s home technology (latest smartphone technology to capture Point-of-EmotionĀ® insights to gain unmatched depth of response).
  • Paid product testing is done 95% of the time at home, but sometimes paid product testers are requested to visit the customer’s office, laboratory, shop, warehouse or factory for training or meetings. These visits are also paid per hour.
  • Sometimes the product testing can be discussed in a private chat room opened by the market research group.
  • Write reviews as requested in the daily schedule for home use for each project. Rating requirements may vary, but the standard requirement is a written review, photos of the reviewer with the product, and a video review.


  • Great ability to follow exact instructions
  • Be open to writing short reviews, recording audio or recording short video (does not have to be perfect), without experience
  • Great attention to detail and curious spirit
  • You can work 15-20 hours a week and dedicate yourself to a certain routine
  • Have access to a computer and a reliable internet connection
  • Access a digital camera or cell phone taking pictures
  • Be honest and trustworthy
  • Good communication skills are an asset
  • No experience required
  • High School Diploma
  • 18 years or older

A paid product tester position is ideal for those looking for an entry-level opportunity or seasonal job, temporary job or part-time job. The hours are completely flexible and no previous experience is required. Our paid product esters come from all backgrounds and industries, ranging from customer service and sales to administrative assistant. If you are a manager, receptionist, warehouse or factory worker, manager, medical assistant, nurse, cleaner, college student, messenger, servant, teacher, retail partner, salesperson, secretary, server, maid, cashier, contract worker or intern If you are on looking for a flexible part-time or seasonal job, you should try paid product tests to supplement your income. If you have also been involved in accounting, office, marketing, management, security or data entry, you may qualify for a freelance paid product tester position.


  • Very competitive salary
  • Weekly payment
  • Work according to your schedule
  • Read more about an exciting industry
  • Usually you can test the product
  • Telework (you can work from home, work or school)
  • An incredible team made up of motivated and talented individuals

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Expected salary:

Location: Manitoba

Job date: Mon, 13 Sep 2021 07:50:04 GMT

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